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But what is it ? Wheatgrass juice is a 100% natural source of essential nutrients. We extract its juice by cold pressing that we insert into capsules in order to simplify consumption. It is consumed in several forms but more particularly in smoothies. A shot of about 30 ml of well-grown organic wheatgrass juice would contain as many nutrients as 1.3 kg of organic raw green vegetables.

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It is composed of 70% of chlorophyll which is a molecule very rich in magnesium. Even more, it is also rich in vitamins A, B, B1, B5, C, E and K, minerals, proteins, fibers, as well as trace elements (iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, etc.), which allows it to strengthen the immune system.

Due to its high concentration of vitamins, proteins, minerals and amino acids, wheatgrass is used as a dietary supplement for athletes. In this regard, it allows them not only to improve their athletic performance , but also to accelerate their muscle growth.


Wheatgrass has an important antioxidant power which allows it to delay the aging of cells, to prevent cardiovascular diseases and ulcers. Apart from that, scientific studies have shown that the chlorophyll in wheatgrass is effective in preventing the development of cancer cells. In addition, this element helps fight neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's.


Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, wheatgrass relieves pain in the joints , tendons and muscles. In addition, it reduces gastric acidity, and alleviates inflammation of the colon and intestines.

Consuming wheatgrass is one way to eliminate excess fat and lower cholesterol levels. Thus, it allows you to easily lose weight, especially if you exercise daily. Besides that, it regulates the blood sugar level, which makes it your best bet in the fight against diabetes. Moreover, it does not contain gluten and its nutritional qualities make it a good dietary supplement for vegetarians.

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Take on an empty stomach in the morning before breakfast daily as a vitamin.

  • Place 1 to 2 frozen portions in a little cold water. You can also add it to your smoothies or in juice.

  • Let melt for a few minutes.

  • Keep in the mouth for a few seconds to activate your digestive enzymes.

Make a course of wheatgrass juice:

  • Week 1: Take 1 to 2 cubes per day in a glass of cold water, smoothies or juice.

  • Week 2​ : Repeat with 2 to 3 cubes​

  • Week 3 -4 -5​ : Repeat with 3 to 4 cubes ​​

  • Week 6 and more:​ Take 1 to 2 cubes per day in a glass of cold water.

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